Yes. Hearty Nature, because we are a social company that sells ethically resourced natural products.

We don’t buy produce from farmers pushing the price as aggressively low as possible to ensure we make a max benefit on their back. We think this is shameful.

We are happy to SHARE with our farmers. We pay them more to make sure they are Happy with H, doing their work. We share with them our earnings, to make sure their children are not pushed to leave school and go to work on the field. We visit them, sit down and listen to their stories. We share a bit of their lives, and we tell them that when you buy our products, you are telling them that you care, that you want them to produce natural, organic, clean and bold beautiful healthy products, not ones with layers of horrendous chemical pesticides that kill the bees and intoxicate you and your loved ones.

ettuce buds with black garlic on wooden rustic board

Our products are healthy, mostly organic / Bio, always ethical and fair, and sometimes just pure lovely clean natural great herbs from tops of mountains.